A Wide Variety of Curtain Styles

There are several heading styles available when choosing your bespoke made curtains. If you are unsure of what you are looking for please take a few moments to browse the options available. If you have seen a style or have an idea not shown please let me know and I will do my very best to meet your requirements.

Pinch Pleat

If you’re not covering the heading of your curtains with a pelmet, or swags and tails, it will be in full view all the time; so choosing the right heading is very important for the overall look. Pinch pleat headings are a traditional style of heading that work in virtually any setting. The pleats are at equal measured points and formed with double or triple folds and secured by hand stitching. This gives a very good structure to the curtains so they will hang far more elegantly.

Interlining your curtains gives that extra plumpness to the pleats and folds, as well as additional warmth. When dressed back in tie backs you can really see the beauty of your new curtains even when they are not drawn. contrasting thread, buttons or decorative embellishment can be added to the pleats to give your curtains stunning detail.

Pencil (Tape) Heading

Tape headed curtains are a quick, simple heading option. The tape forms a pencil pleat gathering and is used on many pre-packed curtains, as it is machined in place and gives the option to gather the cords to the required width. It is assumed that less fabric is used when a tape heading is applied, as you can draw the cords looser than suggested- enabling you to fill the width of the window with less fabric. However to get the best appearance you should have the tape cords drawn to the maker’s instructions to form a tight regular pencil pleat.

Eyelet Headed

Eyelet headed curtains are a modern style of heading; they work well in any contemporary setting. Eyelet headed curtains require less fabric than pencil or pinch pleats, as they have a gentle wave effect when drawn. As a consequence, they are not as full in appearance as gathered or pleated headings. The eyelet rings come in metal or plastic and a full range of colours are available, allowing us to match or complement your pole and chosen fabric. They come in a standard size of 28mm, to fit 28mm pole size or smaller. Plastic rings are mainly used on light weight fabrics as they clip together by hand and are removable; the metal rings are machine fitted and are not removable.


Voile or muslin, sheer, light weight curtains are a modern alternative to net curtains. They can also be used alone, to create a delightful, soft flowing feel to your windows, helping with privacy but not excluding light. You can use a variation of headings used on sheers, including pinch pleat, slotted channel, with a stand up frill or puffed heading and simple gathered tape headings.

Italian stung sheers hang beautifully as a single curtain or as a pair. They lift up at a higher point than the usual position of a tie back, allowing maximum light in; they then cascade in a free flowing fluid drape. Italian stung sheers can have a standard channel heading, or flamboyant puffed heading. When in tall windows either heading creates a beautiful alternative to normal curtains. There is a wealth of beautiful sheer fabric s available in many colours, plain or elegant designs, in wide or standard widths, with the option of a pre weighted hemline.

Slotted Gathered/Puff

This is a delightful option in a country cottage setting using a mixture of vintage and gingham fabrics. It can also work well as a detailed heading on larger windows in bedroom. Sheer fabrics can be gently gathered and draped for stylish privacy in bathroom window. A pole is fed through the slotted heading or the gathered puff heading is hung from a pole.

Cartridge Head

Cartridge pleat curtains have a regular sewn pleat and are excellent on large distinctive patterns as they are not very full and lay flatter, making the pattern easier to see. Like eyelet heading curtains they are economical as they use 1.3 times fullness rather than 2 or 2.2 of more conventional headings.

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